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Name:Tyler Birthday:11-13-90 Age:14 Gender:Male Status:Single Location:Michigan


Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately it kills all of its students.


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"All good things must come to an end."
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[October 18, 2005]

Comment to be added :)
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[June 16, 2005]

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[February 10, 2005]
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[January 06, 2005]
Went to my moms house yesterday. She dropped us off
at 5:30am today and I had to stay up till bus time because
if I did go back to bed I would sleep to late and
miss the bus. I almost fell a sleep like twenty times.

I got to school and was not excited at all. We were
suppose to have a snow day. What is up with that?
We got like no snow at all. Of couse it started snowin
around 8ish 9 really hard. Then later that day we
had a real fire i nare school and my teacher said it
wasn't a fire so we sat in the room for 10 minutes
before she realized that it was actually the fire alarm
lol It was soooo cold! *BUR* School was okay today.

I went home and I called Elley and I got so many thing
off my chest and actually got to feel a relief from
school and I got to talk to Elley again today! I was
so happy. We have so much in common we talked about Food,
left behind books and many more things!Then I had to eat
so I had to let her go.

Then I ate and went on the computer and posted some pictures
of my friends, thats about it. Today was a boring day except
the talking to Elley part! thats always the best part of my
day!Please comment :(

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[January 05, 2005]
Well, today was different? It was actually okay for once.
We are suppose to have a snowday tomorrow and I am so excited!
But if we don't have one I'll be so disapointed...ah-well.
Today I took pictures of my friends. Alot of them wouldnt let
me take pictures of them I was kind of sad that they wouldnt
let me. exspecially my girlfriend she wouldnt let me(TEAR)
Yah I'll post them some other time I promise. I got home
and called Elley again I just cant help it I am addicted to
her lol! I love her so much! We totally relate and we had
a very "serious" conversation on stuff. Everytime she has to
go I start getting sad, she makes me whole and complete :P
I really wished she lived closer. Anyways I am going to go
to the movies with my mom and brother soon to go see "meet
the fockers" I think thats how you spell it. I rather talk
to Elley, I can't wait till she gets her own phone line. I
am just really bored right now and nothing really amazing has
happened today so thats about it really...Ill update later
today or tomorrow, it depends!?

Signed:Wanting to feel complete
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[January 04, 2005]
Okay well I realised something, I don't like these
livejournals you can't express yourself the way you
want to without being scared that someone will be
mad, sad, disunderstanding etc. And there is a lot
of stuff I would put in here, but my friends read it.
And since I have only one person that I can truly
like trust it isn't worth making a seprate journal.
So if I am going to stay in this one...I guess. Anyways
I redid my journal I told myself I never was going to,
but I was getting sick of the old one so I decided to
redo it, I hope you all like it.

Today in school was okay, We are studying for are exams
coming up. Lunch time tomorrw is going to suck since every
one in honor society isnt going to be there and since I got
kicked out for being suspended for the stupidest reason I
am not in it anymore. Art is so fun! Today was great we are
doing stupid paper ma-chay stuff and I hate it. So I goof
around like the whole time and tarra had her paper ma-chay
on the counter and she left the sink running so I pushed it
and it fell into the sink it was so funny. Then she threw it
at me lol and all the glue on it got on my clothes and it
looked like dried up cum, it was so funny so all day I was like
gosh Tarra you couldn't control yourself around me. Then
people were like what did you do, then started laughing I was
like the real question is what Tarra did! Its was great I
love that girl. lol it was all in fun(we always joke around.)

When I got home I went online for like 30minutes then has to
go so I decided to listen to some music then I was like oh yah
I can call Elley. So I called her I love talking to her she like
my best friend (literally) We talked for about 30 minutes or so
about what was going on in are life and are beds lol j/k.
We talked about a whole bunch of stuff. It is always great talking
to her and she makes me laugh non-stop we have the best
conversations ever. I love her as much as a friend can love.

Then I got off and went on the computer, since my life is boring
thats what I do when I have time on my hands, is go on the computer
yet I have homework...oh well Ill do it later today or in the morning.
My show on tonight and it better be a good one i'm excited last
week on real world they made it seem worse then it was I was very
disappointed. Ah-well thats about I know its a long entry, but I was
like I haven't made a long entry for awhile so all enjoy and please
comment on it!

Signed: Long Entry
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[January 02, 2005]
yah well yesterday was kind of okay.
Ryan had a late birthday party and
we went to MB the resturant it was
good you get to make your own stuff,
like meat and stuff and sauces and
yah it was good! Then we spent the
night at his house. It was cool/fun!
School tomorrow and I wont be able
to wake up. I will over sleep... I
already know it. I got a bass(sp)
lol and I am going to learn how to
play it. I am excited! thats about
it. I'll write about the first day
of school tomorrow!

Signed:School Sucks
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[January 01, 2005]
Not much the new year is here 2005
and I had a great one! I went over
Jamie's and Racheal and Mel were there
And I decided to spend the night
it was so fun! We talked laughed, ahh!
listen to some great music a squirrel
thing, and lots lots more I love Rach
and Jamie! (Cin-uh-min(sp) SEX!)

signed: 2005
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[December 31, 2004]
Not to much new. I just went shopping
yesterday. I didnt get that much because
things are so expensive these days. I
got pair of pants, under shirt and button
up long sleeve shirt a belt, bracelet, and
2 neclaces. (Jamie is going to hate one
of the neclaces :( I just couldn't resist
though. My computer is like broken down
stairs so I cant get on as much I have nothing
to do I am sick of doing everything I have
done everything I possibly could by myself.
Sorry to bring up the subject about me making
somewhere in life such as acting, but I want
it so bad like nothing else and I get so
jealous when I see people on the televison ugh...
and sometimes I feel like I could do a better
job then most of them (such as the teenager/kids)
I don't know, but im still not giving up. New
years is tomorrow and I am excited for the
new year. My goal thingy for next year is to
stop cracking my fingers lol and stop biting
my nails. I know it sounds stupid,but there both
bad habbits. Thats about it except take this
quiz thingy because if you do and put it in yours
LJ I'll take it to and even if you don't put it in
yours you still should.Oh and yah me and jamie were
kind of bored so we made kids...CHECK THEM OUT!

Signed: Quizzer

QUIZ/MY KIDSCollapse )
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[December 28, 2004]
Yah well not much here...School starting soon
and I'm so not excited. I have done nothing
or haven't hung out with any of my "best friends"
they have all hanged out, but they leave me out.
I don't know. I thought they this break was going
to be fun, but it has only been perbordem and I
have done nothing except for watch movies,video games,
chatted, and televison. What a great break. I hung
out with some people but that was only like 3 times
this hole break. My christmas was okay. I got
clothes,movie,videogame,phone,130dollars and a braclet.
Yah I need to spend my movie, but I don't know what
to get I might get clothes since I don't got that
much. I was at my moms forever and it was so boring
because she has no cable or anything, and her computer
is so slow. I can't blame her though. I still just like
being there for some odd reason. Someone needs to call
me and invite me somewhere even if I don't know you
lol j/k my number is 598-4064 :-P yup well thats it
because I bascilly have done nothing.
(elley,chelsea,randi,megan, and dayna I miss you all)

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[December 22, 2004]
Well just got back in touch with
a friend that I haven't talked to for awhile.
This break has been kind of boring.
I'm hoping it will get better soon!
Or ill be disappointed. I want to hang out
with people, but then at the same time I
like just being by myself. Yah kind of confusing.
I miss elley she went somewhere.
yesterday Ryan came over and spent the night.
It was kind of boring we played some video games.
Then we went on the computer for like
5 min because it like crashed on me.
Then we played a game called Nasty minds or something
it was funny like it will be like.

*If I sit out to long I get hard.
*White liquid comes out of my rod.
*Im goey and sticky.

and it was glue. Its kind of fun,
but we got tired it was 2o'clock at
night so we decided to go to bed.
Then I woke up took a shower got dressed.
Ryan left. Then went on the computer.
Cleaned and packed to go to my moms house.

Signed: On the break
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[December 17, 2004]
Yah well this week was the worst
week ever I called it me "Stress week."
Yah I only slept sunday night and thursday
night(literally) the other night I
had like projects, a lot of homework, or
just had a really hard time sleeping.
I had a lot of homework and was still
depressed about the hole suspension thing.
Then I had three test this week and they
were all hard. I didn't hang out with
anyone and I was so bored. And then
there was this long story with my mom
that just made thw week even worse!!
Yah I am starting to lose my voice and
getting sick. Today I got gifts!
"School of rock," "I robot," candy
and a candy cane. And Randi is getting
my a abercrombie t-shirt. So yah today
was horrible like every past day this week.
I really needed this Christmas break.
They picked the best week.

Signed: stresss out

I love Chelsea :)
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[December 12, 2004]
Well, a lot has happened recently exspecially
that past two days...

Friday:I cleaned my room non-stop for 14 hours.
yah it was a lot of cleaning. Then Randi finally
go home and called me asking me to come over. So
I called my mom and she wa slike sure, but
I have to stay to 9:30pm. So then I left and when
I got there we just all hung out for a while
I,Randi,Chelsea and Dayna. Then Randi asked her mom
to take us to the mall, but her mom kept saying
"NO!" and then Randi got in a bad mood and yah it
was just horrible. So then her mom brought down
popcorn and Randi blasted the music doing some
nasty looking dance that I loved for some strange
reason. So the nshe spelt the popcorn and her mom
got mad so we vacumed it up. After a while we decided
to go to Travis and Randi drew a smiley face out
of Ketchup and pured salt every where and said
"It's snowing," yah it wasd kind of embrassing, but
I got over it. So then we rented some movies and went
walked back to Randi's house. So we went in a secret hide
out and then we got the idea of me spending the night
so we asked her mom and we couldn't believe it, but she
said "yes," Then so Dayna did this most lame thing and
I asked out Chelsea and she said "yes" and then I cuddled
with chelsea and then someone came to there door looking
for a dog...it was weird(long story) So then we called Ryan
and he snuck out said he was spending the night at my
house, but really spent the night at Randi's so yah
we all like layed squeesed into a little area and I was next
to chelsea :) and then I fell a sleep and supposbly I
was talking to them. It was really dirty haha. Then I woke
up and got went home.

Saturday: Went to rehursal it was fun. Then me and my mom
went to the mall and got some clothes and went shopping for
my family christmas gifts. Then I went to Randi's house to
pick up my homework I left there. Then I went to MJR to
get a job applacation. And that was about it.

signed: Missing her
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[December 07, 2004]
Well I just woke up around 11am
am I am already bored. This is so
stupid how I got suspended for
the most stupidest thing ever!!!
My mom is so funny she like has
all this stuff she is going to say
like when Mr Weiand made a "poor judgement"
and how they didnt freak out or make him
lose his job. Ha and she like we should
get every single family member to show
up haha I love her. This is so unfair.
I miss my friends...Soo much. I wonder
what there doing right now? hmmm I'm
listening to music and talking to
no one! oh yah fun! oh yah my mom
skipping work to come to Mr diva with me
and my dad and she is pumped up! lol
I don't think anyone knows how much
I LOVE her she the best mom ever!!!

signed: Suspended
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[December 05, 2004]
This weekend was the best weekend of my whole intire
life! Anyways on Saturday I went to rehursal and we
had like 10 new people. Yah I was kind of mad because
I hate when there is more then 6 people in class.
Then me a emily had to do this skit thingy and it
was hilarious. Then I got picked up and we went to
the store to pick of the stuff we forgot for the party.
Then everyone came and stuff and it was kind of boring
the first hour or so then it got so fun! I loved
it and exspecially at one specfic time;) then we
all laid in the field with blankets and talked and people
were having like sex in my next door neighbors house
it was so funnny!and we talked about all weird subjects and just
normal stuff. It couldnt of have been better
except if ryan hanged out with us more, because he
wouldnt because of Amanda and Christine who complained
the whole time its like don't complain if your
not going to do anything and watch television.
So then Sunday Me,Ryan,Randi,and Chelsea went
to go see National Treasure. It was good or so Me
and Chelsea thought Randi and Ryan didnt like it
that much... but then we went to Wendy's This
weekend was great I got to spend it with my
bestest friends ever!!! exspecially the person
I care about soooooooooooooooooooo much!! :)

signe: Falling in belief...(:
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[December 03, 2004]
The highlights of my week...

MONDAY:Me and chelsea threw
chair stopper things at each
other and she hit me in the nose.

TUESDAY:I dont remeber. lol

WENSDAY:Mr Weiand started the
chair story, kind of funny.

THURSDAY:We had to draw these
pictures in science, and I drew
really good.

FRIDAY:I won the drawing thing
and got the worst candy bar
in the world "crunch" so I
shared it with Bott,Chels, and
Sam. I also past out a one
day notice of my party.

SATURDAY: haven't done yet, but
it is going to be soooooo fun!
I got rehursal and my Party!

Yup I finally decided I really like
this new person I have started liking,
I still like the other person too.

Signed: Party Boy;)
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[December 01, 2004]
Gosh, I talked to Elley
forever on the phone for
three/3 hours. Lol it was
funny. We have a lot in
common and similar personailty.
Anyways today at school
was boring like usale and my
dad is going crazy, seriously!
He yells at me all the time.
and today for dinner we had
carrots and brockly and I almost
puked and he freaked out
he like "dont puke in my kitchen."
like I ment to gag it up.
Ugh and I was cutting my
steak and he was yelling at me
because I was cutting it weird
and he like seriously got
super mad. And since I'am
never thirsty and never ask anyone
if they want something drink
out of nowhere he yelled
at me he like why dont you ever
get us drinks im like because
Im never thirsty in the first
place....god I want to run awau
again.... I wish I was gone
forever. I'll get over it dont worry.

signed: Elley thinks this is funny!(insider)
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[November 29, 2004]
Wow, school I am like literally falling
a sleep in my classes now its kind of sad...
yah and algebra is getting so stupid!
Not much has happened today except
my stupid dad keeps getting on my nervous
and I just talked to Randi online.
I want to do something soon I am so bored.
I mean someone make plans or something
IM or anything. Exspecially Maureen,Courtney
or Jamie. Yup well thats about it I'll see
yah all later;)

signed: desprate for fun
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[November 28, 2004]
I have been so bored lately.
Today was so crazy lol you
wouldnt even believe it. First
I hanged out with Emily and stuff
and I,Emily,dawuan(sp) and amber
went to McDonalds. lol Yah then
after that I left the class and
I was like mom im bored. So i asked
if Devin could spend the night.
so he did and we played video games
for like 10 min and got bored and
we were so HUNGRY that the only
thing to make was brownie and when
they came out they were rock hard!
lol it was hilarous and my brother
half fake tooth got stuck in the brownie
and came off. Lol i kept laughing
Then we try making food and other stuff
because we were that bored. So were
like what the heck lets clean so we
clean the hole fuggin(haha sorry emily
had to use it) house and my mom was so
happy. So yah now were bored again!
WOOHOO thats about it.

SEAL SONGCollapse )

signed: boreder then bored x 100
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[November 24, 2004]
yay, no homework for this whole thanksgiving
break and i am so relieved of all the studing
and stuff. This thursday I am going to my
moms after going to my dads side of the family
thanks giving. I hate thanks giving, it is so
stupid I don't enjoy it one bit! I hate the
food and I hate sitting in a chair doing nothing
the whole time. In art we made teapots and my
is so funny looking! Its a seal with a huge fat
body with small flippers and a small head its
so awesome! I love it!Jamie hasn't called me
or anything lately and me and shelby never
hang out anymore... It's like I'm losing
all my old friends slowly which really sucks!
because they were all awesome. I thought
it was really nice of maureen, courtney,
Melissa and Marissa to come to my play.
I am so glad it is over because play rehersal
was so boring and stupid! And I can't stand Ms J
she is so annoying! My dad has been getting on
my nervous lately and I might move in with my
mom...hmm probably not. My moms to poor and
she couldn't afford me and I would feel really
bad. Well thats all that has happen and been
on my mind lately....

Signed: Just Feeling Alone
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